A day in the shoes of a Bali revolver

Wanna know how a day of a typical Bali revolver looks like? 

well, read on.

6:30: No need for the alarm, the body is set and it’s time to rise and shine, baby.

6.31: Time for a quick stretch and a 15 minute guided meditation to set your daily incentives and be constantly thankful of where we are today.
7:01: Coffee hunger kicks in, hop on the moped and order an almond cappuccino to-go in a revolv cup please.

Tropical Nomad
Cappuccino Amo

7:15: First coffee sip kicks in and sends you on an adrenaline buzz that makes you think “Man, life is awesome, I’m so ready for that HIIT class”!

7:30: HIIT class 

7:45: “Man, why did I come here. One more burpee and someone will have to call an ambulance”…

8:00: “Wow, I’m half way through and I am still alive, okay that’s not too bad”.

8:30: HIIT class ends and you’re grateful that you’re still breathing and you’re actually feeling so ready to tackle your day.

9:00: Quick shower at home. Cold. Beacuse the heating never works.

9:30: Delicious breakfast at Remix *returning my morning revolv cup and redeeming my deposit back*


10:00: Feeling on a high post spirulina, bee pollen and chia seeds indulgence. Team meeting at the co-living/co-working space.

10.30 - 13.00: Day of meetings, idea, inspiration, checking off the boxes.

13.00: Unsurprisingly, hunger kicks in again. Although it’s hot. But it’s fine, the Shady Shack hooks you up with a quick n easy veggie-bowl fix.


14.00-15.55: Working on presentation for a new client. Beautifying a deck. Pulling out customer insights. Team discussion on next events and so on.

16.00: Feeling naughty and peckish and as though you deserve a chocolate snack- Bring it on Made’s Banana Bakery! *returning my foodbox and grabbing a delicious treat*


17:00: Sunset o’clock - parking at echo and choosing a beach shack to watch the beautiful Bali sunset from.  

*Hack for proes*

Always bring your reusable straw as the warung there sell fresh coconuts but only served with plastic straws!

17.30-19.29: Thinking about future plans, showing gratitude for the day, looking up at the orange sky, flowing into pink blossom tints, kissed by ocean blue.

19.30: Mind is thinking dinner. Feeling ourselves some Indonesian specialties?  Well, easy. Grab a delicious vegetarian Nasi Campur to takeaway from Warung Local and the best part? it’s waste-free in our revolv foodbox.

Warung Local

20.30: Reflections on the day, self-care routine and a binge-worthy netflix episode of the latest obsession.

22.30: Good to call it a night.

Eat - sleep - reuse - repeat.