#reuseme at events with revolv

Just imagine…. It’s the weekend, you’ve escaped from the daily grind and are hanging out at a festival with your friends. it’s a beautiful day, the sun’s just heading down in that gorgeous half-light, and you’re watching your favourite band. The set finishes, and the crowds immediately head for the exit.

That’s the first time you look down and notice yourself wading through thousands of discarded plastic cups and your heart sinks. Sadly, almost every festival we go to ends this way and it’s a massive vibe killer to go from such a high to wading through a sea of plastic waste. But does it have to end that way?

credits @laurainwaterland

credits @laurainwaterland

On a global scale, we produce  300 million tons of plastic with a large proportion being used once and according to the United Nations, just under 10% of this is either recycled or reused. Most of it ends up in landfill or finds its way into our waterways and oceans, killing and maiming sealife, polluting our water system and damaging our bodies.


At revolv we decided we couldn’t stand for this anymore.

Over the past 6 months in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali, we have been providing a cup rental system for events and festivals to replace their single-use cups with our stylish stainless steel alternatives. People borrow our cups, leaving a small deposit which is returned when they bring it back. We clean our cups commercially, and then store them for future events.

During this time, together with our event partners across Asia, we’ve saved over 10,000 single-use cups from landfill.

As well as reducing the waste footprint from events, we find that people really enjoy using our cups and this adds to their event experience. We have taken a lot of time in ensuring our cups are a stand out product. They are nicer to drink from, they stay cooler for longer (critical in tropical climates!) and they provide much better Instagrammable opportunities!

revolv at GLO FESTIVAL
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As we find that more and more people value experiences over products, we find this service allows our customers to enjoy themselves at events and have a conscious experience, without the guilt of contributing to mountains of waste, or the inconvenience of bringing their own cup.

We’ve received a fantastic response from a wide range of events like music festivals, expos, local fairs and corporate getaways and we will continue to build our events pipeline across Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong over the next months. Follow us on IG or events page to keep up to speed and ensure your next events experience is a conscious one.

Revolv offers a rental service of cups, food boxes and coffee cups for all kinds of events in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali. Please get in touch if you want to find out more.