The Power of Community

Last week we launched our ‘Afternoon tea’ gathering at our HQs in Bali. The aim of the event was to get the managers and owners of our partner locations together in one place and facilitate meaningful conversations over ice-cold drinks (whoever has been to Bali knows this is a must for keeping the brain cells moving) and small bites to eat.  


It was beautiful to see how everybody got to share industry insights, stories and genuinely connect with one another.

Here’s a little sneak peek into who came along and what they shared about their location: 

Matt, founder of Kore Culture Lab: If you haven’t had a Kore Culture Kombucha yet, you’re really missing out. It’s among the best kombucha on the island, and the only one which has almost no sugar (only the minimal amount needed for the fermentation process). The wonder doesn’t stop there- they water use for making it is not your average Balian, it is harvested and filtered rain water. Genius, right? 

Christian, co-founder of the breezy and beautiful new spot Manggis: Bringing Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist to all digital nomads in the Gu. He’s also the brains behind the unique and delicious cold brew they make with coconut water. If you haven’t tried it-make sure to get your coffee fix at Manggis. 

Andrea and Quinn, the powerhouse team behind Samadi: Not only does Samadi have a yoga schedule that can please even the pickiest of yogis out there, they also have the tastiest bliss balls and raw desserts to help you regain your strength after a sweaty power class. 

Elena the Living Food Lab manager is a total boss babe: Driving clean vegan food forward, LFL is a place where you can be sure that you’re getting your nutrients through clean and delicious dishes. No need to sacrifice your taste buds for that extra green boost. 

Our favorite tropical nomad supergirls Witria and Bella also joined the party: They are the team, making the digital nomad hub feel like home. Smiling, ready to help and to cookup a kickass networking event. Wanna mingle and meet some of the fresh minds from the Gu? Checkout their upcoming events.

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