change the world, not your day.

Our Team

We believe in the power of community and we practice radical transparency as an organization. We believe the most valuable contribution we have is our time and energy, and we are committed to working towards solutions in the face of global challenges. We believe the world is ready for change and we are thankful to be a part of it.


Brian Reilly, CEO

Brian Reilly is the CEO and founder of Revolv. He previously spent 15 years pioneering renewable energy development globally. First becoming passionate about wind energy during his senior Physics thesis at Middlebury College, Brian spent 8 years developing large-scale wind energy projects throughout North America as this industry was growing from its infancy. Brian transitioned to Solar energy in 2010 and helped build and direct the renewable energy team for the largest US energy company, NRG, before heading to South Africa, India, and China to encourage the adoption of Solar energy in these fast growing markets. An urgent optimist, Brian has experienced first hand the collective capability of global movements and approaches his time on the planet with determination, intention, and conviction.


Janine Kinzer, CMO

Janine is the Head of Creative and co- founder of Revolv. She has a background of 11 years in brand building, communication, online marketing and event production for several lifestyle brands and has always been traveling a lot exploring trends that flow into her creative work. With her base in Ibiza/Spain for the past 4 years, she has been focused on working with sustainable brands and organizations. Due to her strong aesthetic sense, she is in charge of everything design- related, from discovering the brand name, to creating the global marketing strategy in line with the creative direction, communications and finally the product design for all markets.


Mariah Ernst, COO

Mariah is the COO and co-founder of Revolv. She brings to Revolv a diverse background in publishing, business development, digital crypto-assets and creative production, as well as an ability to marry vision with systems thinking while supporting teams and creating strategic partnerships.


Forrest Carroll, CFO

Forrest graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Environmental Science & Political Science and a focus on energy systems. Through SunEdison’s leadership development program he spent a year helping to finance solar projects and design municipal systems for electric vehicle fleets. Transitioning to the largest NAMR electricity generator, NRG Energy, Forrest shifted his focus to project development, ultimately selling the $12MM solar portfolio he helped build. Forrest joined revolv to marry his understanding of infrastructure development to his love for marine biology, focusing primarily on financial partnerships, capital deployment strategy, and the design, development and implementation of Revolv’s US initiatives. Forrest leads strategy for the coincident revolv.water initiative.


Boryana Uzunova, Fundraising Lead

At 14, Boryana dropped out of high school and moved to Japan, where she discovered her passion for technology, robotics and lean aesthetics. Later on, she entered the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and the London School of Economics, where she triple majored in marketing, business and mechanical engineering. During her junior year, she founded MorphX, a fashion tech aimed at enabling on-demand perfect-fit fashion. Boryana is keen on changing the consumer’s relationship to fashion as is relates to personalization and efficiency. As part of this change, she hopes to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry, which by some accounts is the world’s largest. A month after MorphX was acquired by Alibaba, Boryana joined Revolv in the capacity of fundraising manager eager to facilitate the disruption of yet another inefficient and carbon-intensive industry: Consumer Packaged Goods.  


Oliver Adams, Co-CTO

Oliver's goal is to envision and realize the technology and software behind the Revolv system alongside Francis Leith. After being awarded two prestigious fellowships by the National Science Foundation on the study of computational modelling of microscopic and nanoscale physics phenomena, coupled with a background in robotics and iterated function systems, Oliver is ready to translate his technical research sense to the Revolv system.


Francis Leith, Co-CTO

Francis and his Co-Chief Oliver have formed a dynamic problem-solving ability while developing innovative technology and competing in robotics tournaments over the past 7 years. Francis joined Revolv while living in New York studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, learning about circular economies and innovative biomaterials. Francis envisions a world in which humanity is working for the security and betterment of the planet, rather than the advancement of itself. Revolv is where that journey begins.

V revolvs.jpg

Velina Veleva, Bali Lead

Velina is the youngest member of Revolv, joining the team at the very beginning of the ideation stage. After completing a degree in Business management, she entered into the Fintech field interning for the first fintech business builder in London. She expanded her knowledge and efforts in the industry by joining the leading Fintech accelerator in Asia- SuperCharger based in Hong Kong. She led the investor efforts, translating into SuperCharger’s startups raising +50M$ in funding. Revolv is Velina’s next venture where her curiosity for tech and sustainability meet. She is currently responsible for heading Bali’s sales with the ambitious goal of onboarding 100+ restaurants and helping them convert from single-use to reusable takeaway packaging.


Hannah Chung, Hong Kong Lead

Hannah is the Hong Kong Lead of Revolv. Alongside her work with Revolv, she also has been heading up sustainable efforts across Hong Kong and leading talks and campaigns within corporations and schools with a focus on Zero Waste. She has previous experience in events and business development management, executing 300+ events, and managing CSR solutions and wellness programmes for social enterprise, Green Monday. She is the co-chair of the Annual Food’s Future Summit and a Zero Waste Advocate in Asia.


Hady Hubaydillah, Bali Operations

Hady is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of Canggu. It involves Canggu team management, Equipment management, and ensure service delivery process and system are working efficiently. Hady has 9 years of experience in project Implementation and Monitoring in Telecommunication Industry. Hady is a native Jakarta and food enthusiast.


Jonathan Tostevin, Chief Development

Alongside his work with Revolv, Jonathan also runs an environmental business supporting cafes and bars to reduce plastic waste. Previously, Jonathan spent nine years working with the UK Government, focusing on international development, including managing part of the UK’s aid response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa in 2014. He transitioned into social enterprise, with the intention of playing a more active role in creating social and environmental change, and spent time working with non-profit organisations to develop growth strategies and more robust internal operations. He is a pragmatic idealist, keen to translate sustainable ideas and ambitions into reality.


Sara Ricardo, Finance Lead

She has over 7 years of experience in finance-related endeavors across different sectors (investment banking, public sector, startups and healthcare) and geographies (Portugal, UK and Singapore) and holds CIMA and CFA professional qualifications. Sara has always been inspired by the potential that innovation can have on people’s lives, and upon receiving an MBA from INSEAD in July 2018 she has decided to dedicate herself to causes that can have a positive impact on society.


Cynthia Chan, General Counsel

Cynthia is General Counsel at Revolv. She has spent the last 7 years working at large international law firms in London and Hong Kong, helping multinational corporations resolve complex legal issues and disputes. Cynthia joins Revolv to combine her legal skills with her passion for waste and plastic reduction.


Brittany Gamez, Product and Events Coordinator

Brittany is the product and events coordinator for revolv. She has extensive experience in promotion and logistics, working across a range of different industries. She’s exploring what it means to live a minimalistic lifestyle and how to encourage others to do the same. Brittany recently worked with climate force to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint by living a more sustainable lifestyle.